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What's the future of e-books at the Coronado Center Library?

While everyone agrees electronic books are part of the future, no one knows for sure how or when the future will arrive.

The center's librarians and the board of Friends of Coronado Center Library (FOCCL) have spent a lot of time looking at the issue and have concluded this is not the right time to bring the new technology on board.

There are several reasons:

o The main reason is the unsettled technology surrounding acquisition of e-books and how they can be loaned to library patrons. Publishers and book distributers have different programs and policies and few are compatible with each other. Until the emerging technology settles and industry standards are in place, it is better to wait.

o Cost is another issue. No one is sure what additional hardware and software will be needed to begin an e-book lending program, but whatever it is is beyond the library's budget at this time. Many of the "bonus" books added to the library's collection - audio books, large-print books, DVDs and so on - are purchased not with Property Owners' Association funds but by FOCCL. Today the Friends are marshaling their funds for possible expansion of the library.

o A third reason there is no urgency in embracing e-books is the absence of any great demand from the library's patrons. While there have been queries about when the library might begin lending books in an electronic format, no one has stomped out mad when told it won't be anytime in the near future. In fact, it is far more common for patrons to say they would never give up the pleasure of holding a real book.

So, the bottom line is this: Electronic books are in the library's future, and more and more residents of Hot Springs Village own e-book readers. But until technology for lending e-books at the library level is settled, and more funds for shifting in that direction become available, the Coronado Center Library will hold off on putting electronic books on its virtual shelves.

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